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libParanumal: Galerkin-Boltzmann 3D flow simulation

libParanumal simulation for 3D flow over a finite fence modeled with the Galerkin-Boltzmann flow equations of gas dynamics (Toelke et al 00). The simulation uses a mix of discretization techniques:

Physical space: a 4th order polynomial discontinuous Galerkin spatial discretization with 2M tetrahedral elements.

Velocity space discretization: second order Hermite expansion modulating a Maxwellian distribution.

Temporal discretization: semi-analytical Runge-Kutta time integrator with adaptive time-step selection.

Far field closure: the outer domain non-wall boundaries are wrapped with a multiaxial MPML absorbing layer to absorb outgoing waves.

Simulation performed by Ali Karakus using 12 NVIDIA GTX 1080TI GPUs on the Virginia Tech Costain Chair cluster, pascal.

Details of flow model and discretization: here.

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